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Music at St. Luke's

Welcome to the music program at St. Luke's.  Our music program is blessed with an exceptionally talented Choirmaster, Parish Musician. and two Organists. Our church organ has a fascinating story of its own.

St. Luke's  Music Leaders 

Randy Wilbur - Choirmaster (Interim)

Diana Burden - Parish Musician

Steve Cagle - Organist

George Atwell - Associate Organist

Information about St. Luke's  Organ

In January 2020, A. D. Frazier approached the Rector of St. Luke's Blue

Ridge about giving a world-class organ in memory of his beloved wife,

Clair Wofford Frazier.


Prior to her death Dec. 23, 2019, Mrs. Frazier had been unable to speak

for over two years as a result of surgery for cancer which necessitated

the removal of her vocal cords. Mr. Frazier wished to give Clair, who

possessed both an inner and outer beauty, ‘a voice’ that would enhance

the worship of St. Luke’s Church and bless generations of residents of

North Georgia who attend concerts at the parish church.

In late January, a 45-rank Makin organ was commissioned through Chapel Music, a division of A.E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company, in Lithonia, Ga. Makin organs are manufactured in Shaw, Lancashire, England. The company specialized in custom instruments featuring authentic English voicing and specifications. 

St. Luke’s new instrument has four divisions: Great, Swell, Choir and Pedal. Two 32-foot stops, a Contra Violone and a Contra Trombone, are included in the Pedal division. 

St. Luke’s previous instrument, a Johannus manufactured in the Netherlands, is being placed in the 18th century-inspired chapel at Inola (High Hope Plantation) and will be available for use when St. Luke’s holds services in this Anglican chapel.

The Makin instrument marks St. Luke’s fourth organ. The first was a one-manual reed organ manufactured by M. Schulz Co, Chicago; the second, a Hammond church model with two tone cabinets; and the third, the aforementioned Johannus installed in December 1999. 

In a statement, the Rector said: “I join all members and friends of St. Luke’s in welcoming this beautiful new instrument. May its voice assist our voice in giving praise and honour to Him who dwells on high. ‘Praise Him upon the strings and pipes,’ says the Psalmist. Our heart-felt thanks to Mr. Frazier for enabling us to do this even more eloquently and fervently!”

The organ was first used Sunday, June 14, 2020 with Randall F. Romig at the console. 

Mrs. Frazier was a graduate of Young Harris College and served on the institution's board of directors prior to her death.

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