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As an Episcopal Anglican Church, St. Luke's values its roots in the ancient undivided Church going back to the Apostles and early Church Fathers.  We give thanks for the insights coming out of the Protestant Reformation of the16th century and receive the Old and New Testaments of the Bible as God’s Word Written and thus the ultimate standard for belief and practice.  We worship according to a form of worship that is both ancient and relevant for today.


"To be an active and engaged church serving the Lord Jesus Christ through Bible-based worship; service and charity to our fellow man; heartfelt Christian fellowship; and spreading the good news of the Gospel to all God's children."


  • A vibrant belief that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior

  • Belief that the Bible is the Word of God

  • Spirit-filled liturgical worship

  • Service and charity to all

  • Respect for our Anglican traditions


"To grow spiritually in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ and in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and to share our faith, our hands and our hearts for the sake of the Gospel, our community, and the world."



Anglicanism is the Catholic (Universal) faith as expressed through the Church of England. An Anglican is a member of the Anglican Church, or more properly the Anglican Communion. The word “Anglican” derives from the word “Anglo” as in "AngloSaxon" and means "English." The Anglican Church originally was the Church of England and indeed the Anglican Church began in England. Today, many centuries later, The Anglican Communion is made up of 38 Provinces that include 77 million members in 164 countries. It is the third largest Christian church, right after Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox. "Anglicanism" is the beliefs and practices of the Anglican Communion.

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