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The Education Committee

Chair: Roger Johnson

Members: Rev. Victor Morgan     Rev. Dr. Thomas Heard

                 Rev. Ron Wikander     Pat Dearing

                 Tony McConnell          Teresa Wankel

The purpose of St. Luke's Christian Education program is to equip the saints. In other words, to give St. Luke's members and friends the tools they need to think, pray, act and witness Christianly, Biblically and effectively.


The Education Committee recently polled our parishioners for subjects they would be interested in to further their understanding of the church. Here are the top 10 suggestions which will keep the committee busy during 2018!


1.   Anglicanism 101

2.   History of Split Within the Episcopal Church

3.   God’s Impact on Our Constitution

4.   The Apostle’s Creed

5.   Major Bible Characters

6.   How the Holy Spirit Speaks to Me

7.   Our Perspective - The Thirty-Nine Articles

8.   The Nicene Creed

9.   Minor Bible Characters

10. Where to Find it in the Prayer Book


What classes would you like to see offered this Fall? Click the button to send an email.

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